Entry ID438
Application Typecollege
Academic Information
Last High School AttendedPearsall High School
Graduation Date05/24/2024
List all high school activities in which you have participated, such as athletics, drama, school newspaper, yearbook, clubs, honor societies, student governments, etc.
  • School news team
  • Drama
Community Service & Employment
List any jobs you have held, work done after school, summer jobs, etc. since you have been in high school.
Employer Type of Work Start Date End Date
Mcdonalds Food service 2022 2023
About You
What hobbies and other personal interests do you have?

Im interested in anything art. Drawing, painting, cosmetology, studying bugs & plants, exploring the outdoors.

Please explain why you are continuing your education.

I want to learn more about my own interests as well as find new interests to better my character. Im striving to do better in life than the rest of my family, just by getting a good education and sticking to my goals.

This area can be used to pass along any other information about yourself that you feel might be relevant to this application.

I wanna eventually get my masters in art. I don’t expect myself to be a top student but I will try my best to get to that goal. If I don’t go to school for art then I will go to school for Veterinary medicine.

Tell us about your dreams or goals for the future.

My dream job is to be a tattoo artist. If I needed to have a really professional job then it would be to work in a veterinary hospital. Im always gonna have art included in my life so maybe I’ll even do art on the side. My main goals are to find fun jobs that i’ll enjoy doing and do better than my family. My dream is to make an impact if not with art then helping animals and people.