Entry ID436
Application Typecollege
Academic Information
Last High School AttendedPearsall High School
Graduation Date05/24/2024
List all high school activities in which you have participated, such as athletics, drama, school newspaper, yearbook, clubs, honor societies, student governments, etc.
  • Tennis 2 years
  • Baseball 4 years
Community Service & Employment
List any activities outside of school such as community service organizations, scouts,church, 4-H etc.
  • Altair server from Immaculate Heart of Mary 9 years
  • Food drives
List any jobs you have held, work done after school, summer jobs, etc. since you have been in high school.
Employer Type of Work Start Date End Date
Pearsall ISD Maintenance 5/10/22 8/10/22
McDonald's Crew Member/Crew Trainer 9/15/22
About You
What hobbies and other personal interests do you have?

Playing baseball, hanging out with family and friends, going to church on Sundays with my family, attend sporting events, long road trips

Please explain why you are continuing your education.

I am continuing my education because I want to become a successful son, and become a baseball coach one day to go around and coach high school teams or even a college level team. Having a education in kinesiology will help me understand more from a coaching aspect, and player aspect.

This area can be used to pass along any other information about yourself that you feel might be relevant to this application.

I have always been an A honor student, and have also earned an award for keeping a 90% and above during the baseball season. This award was an academic all state award and I was recognized for it. My attendance is amazing, I never miss a day of school unless I am extremely sick, injured or have a baseball game.

Tell us about your dreams or goals for the future.

My goal for the future is to graduate college and become a baseball coach for a high school. In doing that I want to change the culture with the team and do things that haven't been done, or haven't been done in a while. For example, winning a state title, or even a district title. Eventually if I get the opportunity to be a college coach I would instantly say yes and make history with that team as well.